Caspar Collins Day Returns to Fort Caspar Museum

Hundreds of guests enjoyed Caspar Collins Day at the Fort Caspar Museum all day Saturday. Caspar Collins Day commemorates the history of Fort Caspar as well as the death of Lt. Caspar Collins at the Battle of Platte Bridge in July of 1865. This year marked the 151st anniversary of the infamous battle and guests were treated to a variety of special programs and events at the museum.

There were cavalry drills, blacksmithing demonstrations, frontier children's games, gambling demonstrations, mountain men, Native Americans, period vendors, and several modern craft and food vendors. Special events included a Civil War era baseball game where guests to the event were invited to play against the army re-enactors--the army lost. Dozens of children signed up for infantry drills, learned marching orders and even received their own enlistment papers.

A Caspar Collins Day guest pitches a baseball to the Civil War era re-enactors early Saturday morning. Guests were invited to play against the frontier army re-enactors during the event.

Guests also had the opportunity to briefly experience the history of Mormon pioneers by pulling a handcart. In the afternoon, Fort Caspar Museum Association board member, Johanna Wickman, held a lecture on her new book, "Lost Forts of Casper" followed by a book signing.

Caspar Collins Day is a collaboration between the Fort Caspar Museum Association, the Fort Caspar Museum, and the 11th Ohio Volunteer Cavalry re-enactors.

Guests of Caspar Collins Day at Fort Caspar Museum walk past 11th Ohio Cavalry and Native American re-enactors.

feature photo: Professor Reginald Lamb (portrayed by Douglas Cubbison) tells guests the ins and outs of frontier gambling at Fort Caspar's Caspar Collins Day.

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