Ethete Powwow honors two special people in the Native American Community

(Ethete, Wyo.0 - J.R. McCabe, remembered for his powwow adventures as a son, a father, a brother, and a friend, was honored this weekend during the 2016 Ethete Celebration Powwow.
J.R. McCabe had friends from all directions in Indian Country, from different areas, reservations, and tribes. He sang with many different drum groups including Sage Point, the Black Bull Jr’s, and Arapaho Nation.
A resident of the Wind River Reservation, J.R. traveled the powwow trail as a grass dancer, and had his own unique style of dance. He was in attendance at nearly every powwow. J.R. was diagnosed with cancer and over time won the battle, but shortly thereafter, his heart grew tired and he passed away one year ago.

The Ethete Celebration Powwow is one of Northern Arapaho's annual traditions held in Ethete. Particularly special this year was the presence of J.R McCabe’s family and friends. They worked hard all year long to raise money through gifts, donations, food sales, and concessions. They reached their goal to have a special Grass Dance which included the best Grass Dance Performances from all over Indian Country including dance winner, Slik Nez, from Bloomfield, New Mexico.
Also honored at the 2016 Ethete Celebration was Helena Armajo Crispin Cedartree, born in 1912. Gone for seven years now, Helen Cedartree’s family honored her memory by having a Golden Age Traditional Special. The organizers who helped put these honorary specials together dedicated a lot of time and effort to making these special events possible.
Overall, it was another great year for the Ethete Celebration Powwow.
h/t Candace Toledo / Pitchengine Communities
Photo: J.R. Grass Dance Special h/t Jakob Wyldkat
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