We're #1! Wyoming is full of Pokemasters, according to Google Data

(Gillette, Wyo.) Ucribs, a website that uses data to help students find the best housing for college, decided to look at Google data to establish which states were the best at playing Pokemon Go.
They looked up who was searching where to catch Pokemon, how to catch them, what a pokestop was, and "What is Pokemon Go?" The result, by a landslide, was that Wyoming was the state asking the least questions about how to play.
Only nine states needed help with the most basic task in the game -- how to throw a pokeball -- and needing help with absolutely everything was apparently multiple Michiganders. (Either the U.P. is better at the game than the rest of the state, or the mapmaker got carried away coloring in Wisconsin.)
Now, whether or not this means that people in Wyoming actually needed the help or if they're just not playing is unclear. But we were out on Main Street Friday night, when there were dozens of players out, dropping lures at the plentiful Pokestops along Gillette Avenue. There were people of every age who walked there, drove there, pushed their kids there in strollers, and were sharing tips and tricks to help catch 'em all.
So maybe the reason Wyoming didn't need to Google it is because we just asked each other. Like with our faces.
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