Crews begin monitoring air quality near Dubois

The Western Montana Incident Management Team released an air quality summary this morning based on the portable air quality monitor that was installed in the Dubois area yesterday (Sunday, July 24).
The report states: "This morning, communities around the Lava Mountain Fire will have smoke from overnight settling in the valley areas. Concentrations reached a hazardous level for several hours in the early morning adjacent to the fire along the Hwy 26 corridor. A reduction in concentration is expected to occur during the afternoon hours as the smoke disperses across the Wind River Valley. While concentrations will reduce, the area of impact will broaden. Expect smoke in all communities in the Wind River Valley by the afternoon hours. Smoke from the Cliff Creek Fire is forecast to contribute to the smoke in the valley."
The report also states, "Tomorrow (Tuesday, July 26) high concentrations of smoke is forecast for the Dubois area during the overnight hours as smoke pools in the Hwy 26 corridor. Smoke concentrations may be in greater concentrations if Monday’s drier and winder weather increased fire activity."
Below is a map showing areas of heaviest smoke as of Monday morning. The darkest red indicates the highest concentrations. h/t InciWeb.
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Feature photo: h/t Missy Christian / Pitchengine Communities
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