Cliff Creek Crews work to fight fire with fire

(Jackson, Wyo.) - The Cliff Creek Fire continues to burn on the Bridger-Teton National Forest and now, crews are working another angle to contain the fire.
According to the most recent press release on the fire, yesterday, crews began a burnout strategy for the fire.
"A burnout is setting fire inside a control line to consume fuel between the edge of the fire and the control line. Often referred to as 'fighting fire with fire,' the controlled burn will burn strip(s) of vegetation to create a barrier to the oncoming Cliff Creek Fire by using up all the available fuel between the burnout and the Cliff Creek Fire," stated the release.
It may take firefighters several days to complete the burnout operation. During burnout operations, the public can expect to see an increase in smoke coming from the fire area.
The fire is being actively suppressed with a mixture of ground crews and aerial resources. Where fire is moving towards and into the Gros Ventre Wilderness and the wilderness study area, fire will be, permitted to play, as nearly as possible, its natural ecological role in the wilderness.
Fire objectives include keeping the fire south and east of the Granite Creek Drainage bottom and north of Dell and Jack Creek.
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Feature Photo: Cliff Creek Fire. h/t Jim McCollum / Pitchengine Communities
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