Local church shows their love for Sheridan

(Sheridan, Wyo) - If you were out-and-about on Sunday, you may have noticed more than one person wearing t-shirts reading "I Heart Sheridan" on the back. Members of the Real Life Church chose to forgo their usual Sunday service in order to prove just how much they love living in Sheridan. Over 50 volunteers fanned out through town and participated in one of five different projects for their Community Volunteer Day.
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The group met in the morning at Kendrick park and organized into crews. "We're doing this because we love Sheridan. We want people to know we care. There are people who haven't had anyone do anything nice for them in a while," said Real Life Outreach Coordinator John Holst. Holst led a short prayer and then the crews were off to work.

One Sheridan resident got help with her yard work on her birthday. Another had the damaged sidewalk in front of their house removed and forms prepared to pour a new one. At the Econo-Wash Laundromat, volunteers stood by the door with rolls of quarters ready to pay for everyone's laundry. A traveler looking to freshen up his clothes remarked, "I heard Sheridan was nice, but I didn't know that it was this nice!"
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At the Holly Ponds Sinclair gas station, kids stood on the roadside with signs announcing a "gas buy-down" and a "$1 Car Wash." Customers who purchased gas were given a voucher for 25 cents off of every gallon of gas they purchased. When people pulled their cars into line for the car wash and tried to pay a dollar, they were told by Ryan Charest, Lead Planter for Real Life Church, that the sign actually meant that he was going to give them a dollar for letting his volunteers wash their car. The looks on people's faces when he would shove a dollar into their hand were priceless!

After so many good deeds, the volunteers met back up at Kendrick Park for a well-earned barbecue.
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