Gillette Police Pick Up An Extra "Official" Officer

(Gillette, Wyo.) Felicity Sjostrom sent this photo and story to us and we'd thought we'd share:
"With the divisiveness in our country toward the police, today my heart was touched. I work at Qdoba and an employees son was having some breakfast and two officers came in. When the officers sat down the little boy sat right by them and they started to talk. I overheard everything from SpongeBob to explaining the lights on the car. When the officers were getting ready to leave, they made him an "official" officer and pinned a badge on his shirt. I have never seen a boy so excited. As they left, the officers turned their lights on while the little boy peered through the front windows with the biggest smile on his face. Way to go Gillette Police officers!"
We believe that's Officers Kyle Sprague and Kris Hunter in the photo. Thanks to Felicity for sending this in today!
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