Take a Sneak Peek into Willow Creek Elementary School

The new Willow Creek Elementary School building is nearing completion and will open its doors to students and teachers come August 23rd on the first day of school. Willow Creek Elementary will be home to students in grades 1-3. Kindergarteners will be attending Aspen Early Learning Center this year.
County 10 took a tour of the new Willow Creek Elementary School building with Fremont County School District #25 Facilities Director Larry Hartwell last week to check on its progress. "Our School Board did a fantastic job designing this building and it truly represents our district's values of safety and collaboration," Hartwell says.
During our visit crews were preparing the front parking lot for the following day's concrete pour, a perimeter fence was being installed, playground equipment was going up, and many hands were inside working on flooring, doors and electrical work among other tasks.
One of the most unique features of the building is the new egress windows which were installed in nearly every classroom. This feature gives students and teachers the option of evacuating through that window if needed during an emergency evacuation. "Safety was our number one priority when designing this building," said Hartwell.
The building has 22 classrooms, and Superintendent Snyder notes this allows the district to meet the state statute mandate of a 16:1 student to teacher ratio. The classrooms are mostly complete, however furniture is scheduled to arrive on August 8th. Teachers will be able to access their classrooms next week.
Willow Creek Elementary Principal Jeremy Hill replaces Andrea Verosky and tells County 10 that he's excited to create a new building culture with new students and teachers. "Everyone is looking forward to the new school year in a brand new space."
0-19.jpgAbove: Crews prep the front parking lot for concrete.
0-18.jpgAbove: Looking at the Secretary's Desk. Visitors will be buzzed in from the door on the right.
0-15.jpgAbove: The new lunchroom.
0-14.jpgAbove: Kitchen which was pre-approved by the Health Inspector a few weeks ago. There will be one final visit of approval in the next couple of weeks.
d346f0ba-22a1-4bb8-8169-f0e1c6a8ab34 2.jpgAbove: All full size gymnasium was part of an "enhancement" to the building design. Hartwell noted since the City of Riverton does not have a Recreational Center the school will now have the option to house many sporting events in a full-size space.
0-12.jpgAbove: New Playground being installed.
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