#WhatsHappening: The July edition of the Werner Wildlife Museum’s Wildlife Study Group presentations will look at Skunks and Osprey on Thursday, July 28.
At noon, the naturalists from the Werner will look at “Stripes, Spots, and a Bitter Perfume: The Skunk in Wyoming.”
That night at 7, Audubon Naturalist Zach Hutchinson will present “Fishing for a Living: The Life of an Osprey” during a field trip.
The noon presentation will take place in the Wyoming Room at the Werner Wildlife Museum, located at 405 E. 15th Street. Those interested in attending the 7 p.m. field trip are asked to contact the museum at 307-235-2108 for directions. Both presentations are free and open to the public. Feature Photo: h/t Christopher Thomas #oilcity