Wyoming Democrats cast their votes at the DNC

Wyoming's Democratic Delegation at the National Democratic Convention in Philidelphia split its votes 11 for Hillary Clinton and 7 votes for Bernie Sanders.

This is despite the fact that the popular vote at the county caucuses had 56 percent of the votes for Sanders.

Surrounded by Wyomingites wearing shirts stating "Black lives matter in the Equality State," the Party's State Chair Ana Cuprill (center of photo above) in her brief speech at the convention touted Wyoming as a state of firsts: first National Park, first to allow women to vote, and first to vote in a woman Governor. She called it an honor to vote for the United State's "first woman president" Hillary Clinton.

Following this afternoon's roll call vote at the DNC, Clinton has secured the party's nomination for President of the United States by receiving more than the necessary minimum 2,382 delegates. She will now face the Republican nominee Donald Trump in the November general election.

In an attempt to unite the party, Sanders moved that the party suspend the rules and nominate Clinton by acclamation. The motion passed by resounding "ayes."


screenshot of the Wyoming delegation from the DNC live stream

Clinton photo h/t Gage Skidmore

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