City takes on the County in charity softball game

(Gillette, Wyo.) Senator Michael Van Flatern called the coin toss at the Energy Capital Sports Complex tonight.

Personal Frontiers, Inc, a non-profit helping people struggling with substance abuse, staged a softball game featuring representatives from both the City of Gillette and Campbell County. Proceeds from the game benefited PFI's education and treatment services. This is their 40th anniversary and they wanted to find a way to fundraise that would bring some joy to the community.

"We just thought: How fun to have a stress relieving night and raise money for charity, and get the city and county together," said Sherry Bertoncelj with PFI.


The City beat the County 17-14.

Here were the rosters for tonight:

City of Gillette
  • Mick Wolf (Coach)
  • Eric Small (GPD)
  • Kris Hunter (GPD)
  • Tim Carsrud
  • Trevor Johnson (GPD)
  • Robin Kuntz
  • Levi Jensen
  • Nicol Grosz
  • Ty Woodall
  • Christy Orchard
  • RIck Eddy
  • Cheyenne Jones
  • Darin Morgan
  • Delbert Parks
  • Luke Antoninch
  • Garrett Rogers
  • Jess Jimison
  • Kyle Sprague (GPD)
  • Patrick Totzke (GPD)
  • Louise Carter-King
  • Dan Barks
  • Billy Montgomery
  • Ted Jarred
  • Kevin McGrath

Campbell County
  • Mark Christensen (Coach)
  • Gary Becker
  • Rusty Bell
  • Stephanie Stuber
  • Alex King
  • Matt Avery
  • Ashley Winn
  • Janell Paris
  • Allyssa Torres
  • Beth Hulings
  • Chad Beeman
  • Gary Day
  • Matthew Olsen
  • Lee Zahn
  • Devon Oswald (CCSO)
  • Shane Milhouse
  • Tyler Stearns (CCSO)
  • James Jonas (CCSO)
  • Kristen Antle (CCSO)
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