Teavana Tea now available at Daylight Donuts!

Daylight Donuts in Riverton has a wide selection of donuts, ice cream, and...tea!

There are many flavors of loose leaf Teavana teas, and they're always getting new flavors and making new combos to bring to the store. Teavana is a high quality, natural product- So good that you can eat the fruit, herbs and flowers straight out of the cans.
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To achieve consistency and match the recommendations of Teavana for the temperature and steeping time, Daylight has been using special steeping pots. If you're looking for a warm drink on a cold morning or a cold drink on a hot afternoon- you can get Teavana tea hot or iced!
You can order sugar light, medium or heavy - they use natural beet root sugar which they put in during the steeping process.
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Some examples of the available flavors are: Blood Orange Sorbet, Beach Bellini, Black Raspberry Mojito, Earl Grey Creme.
One of the customer favorites is the London Fog which is Earl Grey tea, steamed milk and vanilla.
Daylight Donuts is open from 3:00 a.m- 9:00 p.m. every day, but closed on Sundays.
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