4 delicious foods you MUST try at the fair this weekend

(Jackson, Wyo.) – One of the best things about the Teton County Fair is the eclectic mix of food that is offered at the carnival and fair grounds.
Here is our short list of the best greasy, sweet and unique foods at the 2016 Teton County Fair:
1. Fried Oreos: As a fairly new fad, these delights taste like a soft Oreo cookie that is wrapped in a funnel cake, fried, and then covered chocolate sauce and powdered sugar. This is a take of the popular fried Twinkie, which is also at the fair this year. We were skeptical at first, but it is definitely a must-try!
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2. Huckleberry Cheesecake Popcorn: This sweet treat offers a rich cheesecake flavor mixed with the local huckleberry that is native only to this area. Grab a bag for an easy snack while walking around the fair.
3. The Traditional Fair Funnel Cake: You can’t visit the county fair without having a funnel cake at least once. We recommend a little bit of powdered sugar and a lot of strawberry sauce to top off this fair staple.
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4. Roasted Corn: Believe it or not, roasted corn was clearly the most popular fair food last year. Also called Elotes, the corn is roasted, then brushed with a mayo/sour cream mixture, rolled in cotija or feta cheese, and finally sprinkled with chili powder. If you have never had roasted corn from a fair before, you must try it!
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Feature Photo: Fried Oreos at the 2015 Teton County Fair. Pitchengine Communities
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