Lava Mountain Fire: 12 Photos That Prove It Takes a Village

Today County 10 spent the day in Dubois on the Lava Mountain Fire where heroes in every capacity surrounded us.
Everyone from the firefighters and National Guard to the Red Cross and the Cooks, our hats go off to the 700+ personnel on the ground of the Lava Mountain Fire. Stories to follow.
0 (2).jpgAbove: New crews from the Missouri Iowa Interagency Fire Crew get briefed on the status of the fire. This is their first day on the Lava Mountain Fire.
0 (7).jpg
Above: The National Guard team includes a UH-60 Blackhawk helicopter and crew to be on standby for possible medevac support. Read more about the team here.
0 (13).jpgFirefighters work near Crooked Creek Area.
0 (6).jpgEric Krohn (left) chats with one of the Incident Command Team's PIO Officer at the Airport. Eric is in charge of the deck team at the Dubois Airport and organizing the helicopters flying in and out on a daily basis.
laksdnf.JPGAbove two photos: The Incident Command Team's Public Information Officers help keep the community informed.
0 (10).jpgCrews perform air bucket drops continually throughout the day.
0 (9).jpgAlex Razzolini, the Facilities Director at Teton Valley Ranch Camp, helped ensure all 135 kids and over 100 staff evacuated safely.
family dollar.JPGThe community has donated many items for firefighters and the Incident Command Team & Firefighters express their thanks. Family Dollar (directly above) has put out shopping carts for donations. Story to follow on specific ways you can help.
0 (11).jpgFire Division team briefing on fire strategy.
Feature photo: 3 firefighters from Colorado and one from Arizona arrived on the Lava Mountain Fire today.
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