Head to Gambles before Shane finds out...

(Fremont County, Wyo.) - Every year Shane leaves his store entirely in the hands of his employees and goes to Iowa to visit family.
Every year Shane says: "Please don't do anything crazy...nothing I wouldn't do, okay?"
Every year the team says, "no problem, Boss! Nothing like last year. Just business as usual."
...And every year they do exactly what Shane would do and they offer great deals to customers. That's right, it's the annual Boss is Gone Sale at Gambles! Shane is in the car on his way to Iowa, so the craziness starts TODAY Thursday, July 28th and ends Friday, August 5th...or until Shane finds out and goes Beast Mode on poor Matthew again, like last year ;)
This store-wide sale will get you some great discounts even off items already on sale!!
  • 15% off all wood, upholstered, and bedroom furniture.
  • 10% off all appliances (excluding housewares)
This sale includes the NEW Monsoon Pacific brand of dining room and bedroom furniture. These gorgeous products are made from natural Shesham wood from India. Shesham is part of the Rosewood family of trees and these unique pieces are really amazing!
All your favorite brands in one place with FREE delivery within a 30 mile radius (That totally includes Riverton!!)
When Shane finds out he's almost definitely probably likely to start firing people for practically giving things away! Don't miss it....the sale - don't miss the sale. This is not an invitation to watch Shane go nutty when he finds out his staff had a sale while he was gone. That'd be weird. But if you're interested in watching, their windows are really big and Shane will be back (and the sale ends) Friday, August 5th! :)
Gambles, 420 Main St. in Lander, 332-3670
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