Recent arrests around Laramie County

(Cheyenne, Wyo.) - Here's a recap of arrests from around Laramie County from July 26-27. All those cited or arrested are presumed innocent until convicted in a court of law. Charges filed are subject to change following official filing from Laramie County District Attorney’s Office.

Robert Billie, 57, Cheyenne, Probation Violation.

Brandon Burkhart, 30, Cheyenne, Public Intoxication, Refusing to Obey and Resisting Arrest.

Mariah Cannon, 23, Cheyenne, Failure to Pay and Failure to Comply.

Thomas Carr, 23, Torrington, DUI - Controlled Substance, Interference with a Peace Officer and Possession of Marijuana-type drug.

Christopher Cisneros, 45, Cheyenne, DUI - Controlled Substance, Red Light Violation, and Proof of Liability Insurance Violation.

John Cisneros, 33, Cheyenne, Aggravated Assault and Reckless Endangering.

Daniel Collins, 60, Cheyenne, Failure to Appear.

James Cox, 59, Cheyenne, Prostitution - Patronizing.

Zachary Crank, 27, Cheyenne, Interference with Emergency Call and two False Crime Reports.

William Aigenman, 30, Cheyenne, Prostitution - Patronizing.

Daniel Ellis, 33, Cheyenne, NCIC Hold, Possession of Cocaine/Heroin-type drug, Driving Under Suspension, and Expired or Improper Registration.

Gail Ellis, 29, Cheyenne, Probation Violation and felony Possession of Cocaine/Heroin-type drug.

Daniel Esquibel, 34, Cheyenne, Public Intoxication.

Ryan Flaten, 26, Cheyenne, DUI, Open Intoxicant, and Possession/Use of Marijuana-type drug.

Ashley French, 29, Cheyenne, two Failures to Appear.

Kylie Griego, 19, Cheyenne, DUI and One Way Violation.

Tasha Grip, 34, Greeley, Colo., Prostitution and Possession of Methamphetamine-type drug.

Valerie Hancock, 58, Cheyenne, Warrant.

Timothy Iman, 25, Cheyenne, Failure to Appear.

Patrick Jimenez, 30, Cheyenne, Failure to Appear.

Justin Johnson, 39, Cheyenne, two counts of Prostitution - Patronizing.

Grayson Kissell, 21, Cheyenne, DUI.

Travis Lake, 27, Cheyenne, Public Intoxication.

Michael Langley, 20, Cheyenne, Probation Violation.

Strider Langley, 33, Cheyenne, Strangulation of a Household Member, Failure to Pay and Probation Violation.

Gilbert Lujan, 50, Cheyenne, Probation Violation.

Tavae Martinez, 20, Rawlins, Property Destruction.

Ricky McCrary, 46, Cheyenne, two counts of Prostitution - Patronizing.

Nasstassja Navarro, 30, Cheyenne, DUI with a Child Passenger and Speeding.

Aaron Powers, 28, Cheyenne, Public Intoxication, Resisting Arrest and Profane/Obscene/Provocative Language.

Julio Reyes, 37, Cheyenne, two counts of Prostitution - Patronizing and Possession of Marijuana.

Ricky Scott, 44, Cheyenne, Failure to Appear.

William Scott, 26, Cheyenne, Prostitution - Patronizing.

Zannon Stands, 22, Pryor, Mont., Public Intoxication.

Kevin Tanner, 48, Cheyenne, Prostitution - Patronizing.

Linda Thompson, 59, transient, Robbery with Threat of Injury.

Cody Todd, 21, Cheyenne, Public Intoxication and Fighting/Riotous Conduct.

Clarence Walters, 60, Cheyenne, Probation/Parole Violation.

Wayne Whitley, 39, transient, Public Intoxication.

Johnny Wilson, 50, transient, Public Intoxication.

James Zlomke, 47, Cheyenne, Prostitution - Patronizing.

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