Summer dance party and giveaway for youth set for Saturday

Local DJ Joey Behan has always wanted to be a DJ. His vision was to have a dance for the youth, and Joey’s love for music has him shaping his vision into life. He'll be leading a drug and alcohol free dance party, with food, prizes, and entertainment for the youth.

Joey approached Wind River Hotel & Casino CEO Jim Conrad with his event plan, and before he knew it, a date was set. On Saturday, July 30th, Joey will be having his first big public event in the Spring Mountain Room inside the Wind River Hotel & Casino. The dance party and giveaway is for youth ages 14 to 19. The dance party will carry on from 8 p.m. to 11 p.m. “With the dance party being free of charge, all that we ask," Joey said, "is bring your ID and expect to have fun."

In an interview with Joey, we asked him what got him started in the DJ industry.

"I met a gal who told me it would be nice to get some sponsors for a dance party event," he said. "I started asking around, and it came together pretty good. Soon enough, I had sponsors who were willing to donate food and other items." And no less than 18 local businesses and organizations have stepped in to help.

"As you all know, families and individuals in our community want more fun and safe activities for our children, without having to worry about the use of drugs or alcohol," Joey said. "While all of us are susceptible to hard times, it's nice when we can give back to our community."

With the help of all the supporting people and vendors, a big thank you goes out to them from the Behappenin ENT volunteers as well as Joey himself.

In closing, Joey said, "I would be willing to donate some of my time to any non-profit program, especially for a good cause." He can be found Facebook as Joey Behappenin.

Parents with children ages 14 to 19, don't forget to tell your children about the Summer Youth Party and Giveaway, and just maybe, they might win the Hoverboard that Joey bought out-of-pocket to give away to one lucky winner.

photo h/t Jillian C'Bearing

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