Recent Arrests around Fremont County

Here is the report of the most recent arrests around the county from local enforcement agencies. All persons arrested or cited are presumed innocent until convicted in a court of law.
Riverton Police Department
14-year-old female, St. Stephens, cited for being under the influence of alcohol.
Joseph Blackburn, 20, St Stephens, Arrested for Possession of Marijuana, Probation Revocation and FTA Warrant.
Danny Romero, 58, Riverton, FTA Warrant.
Jolie Jordan, 45, Pavillion, Arrested for DWUI.
Patrick Arthur, 35, Arapahoe, Arrested for Public Intoxication.
15-year-old male cited for urinating in public.
Daniel Black, 34, Riverton, Arrested for Contempt of Court Warrant.
36-year-old female was issued a no trespass.
46-year-old female put bear spray on neighbors door handle.
Robin Blind, 35, Riverton, Arrested for Contempt of Court.
Fremont County Sheriff's Office
Bradley Crow, 28, Shoshoni, Driving while under the influence.
Lorenzo Eagle, 23, Riverton, Arrest Warrant, Probation Revocation.
Niles Fryer, 32, Riverton, Contempt of Court Warrant.
Karlien Osborn, 24, Lander, 2 Contempt of Court Warrants.
Lander Police Department
LPD's report was not available at this time. We will update this post once the LPD's report becomes available.
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