'I believe in in fair and honest government': Reardon pledges fiscal responsibility as commissioner

(Gillette, Wyo.) D.G. Reardon has lived in Campbell County for more than 25 years. He has raised a family here and looks forward to raising his grandchildren here, but hopes to continue to improve Campbell County by running this year for an open seat on the board of commissioners.

A member of the Campbell County Economic Development Board (the predecessor for Energy Capital Economic Development,) former President of the Winland Industrial Park Landowners Association, a member of the Gillette South Side Little League Baseball Board of Directors and the Coal Country Open Board of Directors, he currently serves on the First Interstate Bank Advisory Board.

He believes he has the time and the experience with planning, budgeting, and organizational management will be an asset to the county. He says that managing multi-million dollar projects in his professional life will lend itself to helping with the county’s budgeting process.

"My knowledge and experience working in energy will bring expertise to the Commission as Campbell County maneuvers through the challenging years ahead," he said.

For the majority of his career, he has worked in the mining industry with energy leaders Kiewit Mining, Rio Tinto and Joy Global. He most recently worked as the General Manager at SBG Reynolds Transportation, an oil and gas transportation company based out of Gillette.

Reardon has experienced firsthand the challenges of the downturn in the energy industry and understands the dynamics of changing energy markets. He says he is running on a platform of fiscal responsibility, planning for the future and maintaining the infrastructure Campbell County has invested in during prosperous years. He also thinks the City of Gillette and Campbell County are entities that must cooperate.

"We are both charged with serving the needs of our constituents, and we must seek to work collaboratively rather than against one another," said Reardon.

You can find out more on his Facebook page.

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