Sophia Archer's family seeks damages from city, school district and others

The family of Sophia Archer has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against multiple parties, alleging negligence led to the death her death.

7-year-old Sophia was hit and killed while in a crosswalk on Sunset in May 2015. The driver of the vehicle that hit her, 78-year-old Sandra Jean Pennock, was convicted of Vehicular Homicide due to her poor eyesight and knowing she probably shouldn't be driving.
Now Sophia's family is alleging that the City of Riverton (along with Public Works Director Kyle Butterfield), Fremont County School District 25 (including Superintendent Terry Snyder and and a principal), the FCSD 25 School Board, the Wyoming Department of Transportation, and the woman who performed Pennock's eye exam were negligent to the point that it caused Sophia's death. The suit centers around the intersection where Sophia was hit, that there weren't crossing guards from the schools and that the lines of the crosswalk were allegedly severely faded.
The lawsuit seeks repayment for damages relating to funeral and burial costs to societal loss and emotional distress. No specific dollar figure is mentioned in the suit. The plaintiffs named include Sophia's parents and several minors.
Since the lawsuit's filing in May, the defendants have begun filing motions to dismiss the lawsuit, making various cases in their own defenses. The school district, in one of its motions, notes it has no control over intersections that are multiple blocks from a school, and it is not required to provide crossing guards at those intersections.
A hearing is set for Aug. 31 to review the motions to dismiss and the Archer family's counter motions to continue the suit. Should dismissal attempts fail, a jury trial has been demanded for the ultimate resolution of the case.

photo from the scene shows the crosswalk lines in question
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