#headsup Bicyclists: 5 tips to stay safe on your bike

(Wyoming) – Summertime is flying by and we're continuing to see many individuals and families enjoying the warm weather on their bicycles. Whether you bike to work or school, ride to save money, or enjoy it for heath and environmental reasons – we want you and your family to be safe and #headsup on your bike. And if you're in a vehicle remember to share the road and stay alert while driving.
Earlier this season County 10 reported a car versus bicycle crash and Reboot reported a motorcyclist versus bicyclist accident. Thankfully both of these incidents were minor but serve as important reminders for all of us to share the road and look out for each other.
bicycle safety headsup
With the help of Fremont Motor Companies, Injury Prevention Resources, and Mountain View Regional Hospital Pitchengine Communities has launched a #headsup campaign across the state of Wyoming with the goal of getting people to think about their communities first. In addition to slowing down, this campaign is about thinking about your community — the place you choose to live — and ensuring we all play a role in watching it grow. Learn more about the campaign here.
Feature photo: AshLynne, Landon, Airy and Carter of Lander showing off what it looks like to be #headsup / Pitchengine Communities
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