Investigation in to string of property destruction at city parks

(Gillette, Wyo.) According to city police and the parks department, someone or a group of someones have been going around to city parks, causing a lot of damage.

Sunday morning, June 31st, park employees reported that the restroom facilities at Bicentennial Park had been "destroyed" overnight on Saturday. Port-a-potties had been dumped over, but not damaged. However the sinks, toilets and urinals in the permanent restroom facility had all been smashed.

"There were porcelain pieces all over, the sinks are destroyed in both the male and female restrooms," said GPD Corporal Rebecca Elgers.

Police are unsure what was used to cause the damage. Total damages were estimated at $1600.

This morning Gillette police stated that on Tuesday, park employees reported several other disturbances over the weekend. At Overlook Park, trash cans and picnic tables were found overturned. At Northwest Park, a port-a-potty was found tipped over.

And some time on Monday night, someone went to City Park, tipped over a port-a-potty, ripped branches off trees, cut wires supporting some of the newer trees, and destroyed flowers and planters around the property. Damages to just City Park's landscaping are estimated at $50.

At this time police have no suspects, but have reason to believe it's the same person or persons causing destruction at each park. City crews have cleaned up the damage to the other parks so far.

If you have information that can solve this or any other crime, you can call or text Crime Stoppers at (307) 228-4276 or use the online reporting tool.

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