With JHMR course improvements, disc golf grows in Jackson Hole

(Teton Village, Wyo.) - For the last 10 years, Andrew Schrum has been pushing for a more sophisticated disc golf course to help grow the sport locally, and in the last two years, his persistence has paid off.
Last year, the Jackson Hole Disc Golf Club was formed by a group of local disc golf enthusiasts who are working to grow the sport. The club used funds from previous tournaments, as well as support from Jackson Hole Sports and Jackson Hole Mountain Resort (JHMR), to redesign the course in Teton Village and expand it from 10 to 18 holes.
"Most of the course was redesigned to make it a little more challenging and to avoid the bike park," said Schrum.
This year, they added printed metal tee signs to the course and most recently, they are working to install rubber tee pads. The tee pads are specially designed for disc golf, are extremely durable, drain water and are able to remain on the course through the winter months. According to Schrum, the tee pads have been a tremendous amount of work for the JHMR grounds crew, because they needed to level out the ground at each one of the tees.
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Photo: The new tee signs. h/t Andrew Schrum / Jackson Hole Disc Golf Club.
"This pad gives players a more stable spot to run up and drive," said Schrum "It just helps with the aesthetics of the course and it will potentially make people play better because they have an even drive spot."
Schrum estimates that nearly 100 people per day play the JHMR course during the summer months, with 60-70 percent being locals and the rest being tourists.
The Jackson Hole Disc Golf Club holds a weekly random draw doubles tournament each Wednesday. For these competitions, each person gets randomly paired with a partner and play best-shot for all 18 holes of the course. On August 27, the Jackson Hole Disc Golf Club will host the Teton Toss Disc Golf Tournament at JHMR. Get the full details here.
And Schrum wants people to know that these events are open to all skill levels from the novice to the expert.
"A lot of people are afraid of tournaments, because they don't think they are good enough," he said. "But It doesn't matter. There are divisions to match your skill level and it is more about getting out there and playing with other like-minded people than the competition."
Feature Photo: h/t Andrew Schrum / Jackson Hole Disc Golf Club.
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