Summer is finally here!

Come savor summer in all its glory at Lander Valley Farmers Market! All of the delights of the season can be found in City Park on Saturdays from 9 a.m. -12p.m. Make the market your Saturday morning event! Enjoy local musicians while you shop.
Local corn grown in Riverton, vine ripened tomatoes, Flat Head cherries from Montana, summer squash, green beans and fresh greens.
There's locally grown chicken and meats. Fresh milk and artisan cheeses. Our bakers make an amazing array of sweets and fresh baked breads. You'll find fabulous jams and jellies all made by local people. Looking for a gift for someone special? Visit one of our crafters or purchase a bouquet of flowers from one of our vendors.
Don't miss out on the bounty of summer! There's something for everyone. Come see us at the Lander Valley Farmers Market.
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