Local entrepreneur creates tools to stimulate imagination, empower adventures

(Jackson, Wyo.) - "My kid is the kid who constantly builds jumps out of snow and dirt," said local entrepreneur Susan Pieper. "He had taken every lawn and garden tool, and snow shovel out of our garage and drug them up the Wilson face."
When Pieper found many of her tools missing or broken, she decided it was time for him (and other snowboarders and skiers like him) to have his own tool for building jumps. This was the beginning of DMOS Collective and the Stealth Shovel.
Pieper moved to Jackson four years ago determined to build a company and be an entrepreneur. She had lived in most major cities in the U.S., worked in careers as a start-up executive, worked in management consulting and investment banking, and worked a lot with venture capital and private equity.
After observing her son using and breaking regular garden tools, she had an idea.
"I remember thinking two things -- being annoyed he would never bring the tools back and I also remember thinking someone should make tools for him," said Pieper. "Why don't people have tools specially for this stuff?"
Soon after, Pieper launched DMOS Collective.
"Originally, DMOS stood for 'Do My Own Stuff' because it was this internal code for independence about empowering adventures and inspiring creativity," she said.
Pieper then went into product design and development. During this phase, she observed her son and his friends use different tools to create jumps and terrain park features on the mountain. Pieper and her team developed what she describes as a "shovel spork," which incorporates a shovel and a grooming tool in one.
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Photo: The Stealth Shovel. h/t DMOS Collective / Pitchengine Communities
Originally named The Kicker Tool, The Stealth Shovel is a full sized shovel, which can smooth and groom snow that is light weight, extremely durable and collapsable so you can stow it away. The shovel is made from fully recyclable 1.6 mm aircraft quality 6061 aluminum alloy.
Last fall during the initial product Kickstarter Campaign, Pieper began hearing from different people who were interested in using the tool for snowmobiling, camping, gardening and even building sand castles on the beach.
"DMOS today stimulates imagination whether you are in action sports, camping and outdoors, or even home and garden," she said.
Since the company's launch, many big athletes have come on board to support the product. The list of athletes includes Tim Durtschi, Zeppelin Zeerip, Blaine Gallivan, Andrew Burns and more.
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Photo: This fall, the Stealth Shovel will come in four colors. h/t DMOS Collective / Pitchengine Communities
This Wednesday, August 10, DMOS Collective will present at Silicon Couloir's 5th Annual Pitch Day for a chance to win cash and prizes.
"It [Pitch Day] is a tremendous opportunity for DMOS to really gain exposure for our brand. There are going to be people at Pitch Day that can introduce us to channel partners, manufacturing partners, suppliers, venders and employees," said Pieper. "So many great connections can be made from Pitch Day."
"Also, we are in it to win," she added.
Learn more about DMOS Collective at dmoscollective.com and check out their presentation at Pitch Day this Wednesday, August 10, from 4 – 7 p.m. at the Center for the Arts.
Feature Photo: Photo of Susan Pieper. h/t DMOS Collective / Pitchengine Communities
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