Biker Bracelet Claims It'll Help You Avoid A Ticket

(Wyoming) An Italian inventor might just make your trip to next year's Sturgis Rally a little bit safer.
"Woolf" is currently 8% funded on Kickstarter right now. It's a leather bracelet for motorists and bikers who are looking for a practical hands-free device to alert them to traffic conditions.
"Our technology takes in consideration the speed limit of each controlled zone, WOOLF measures your actual speed by using smartphone’s GPS and can be configured to avoid vibrations if your speed is below the limit of the speed camera you’re approaching."
The invention bills itself as "the only wristband in the world for real bikers" on its pitch video. Whether you're looking to avoid speed traps, red light cameras, or you want to be notified when there are crosswalks or other places you need to slow down, the Woolf claims to use global mapping of speed cameras to attempt to be as accurate as possible.
It's a slim leather bracelet that will vibrate its alerts. The buzzing becomes more frequent and continuous the closer you get to the speed device. Their Kickstarter boasts that the bracelet is comfortable even if you're wearing it under slim gloves.
In most places the Woolf is cheaper than a speeding ticket. If you get in on the early bird pricing, it's $109 US. They claim it's 100% legal. Coverage will be available in 65 countries around the world (a complete list is on their Kickstarter,) which includes Canada, as well as the U.S.
When you pair it with your smartphone, the app allows you to adjust settings to also let you know when there's a bus lane, crosswalk, or red light near. You can even adjust the distance for how far away you get an alert. It takes about 3 hours to fully recharge, but a charge will last up to 15 days with normal usage.
You can put in your bid or check out more at the Woolf Kickstarter.
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