What are Wyoming Influencers reading this Summer?

Bootstrapped has reached out to influencers from businesses around Wyoming to find out what books have made their Summer reading list.
Dick Nelson, Chairman of the Board for First Bank of Wyoming, a community bank serving the Big Horn Basin since 1912, shared one of his recent business reads with us:
Out of the Crisis, by W. Edwards Deming
In an interview with Nelson he told us, “This book is as valid and essential today as it was when it was published in 1982. In this book, Deming offers fourteen key principles to managers for transforming business effectiveness. Dr. Deming was born in Powell, WY in 1900, went on to the University of Wyoming and eventually earned his PhD Physics from Yale in 1928. Dr. Deming is often credited with the establishment of The Total Quality Management movement which we know today."
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Nelson added, "After WWII, Deming was instrumental in developing the beginning of the Japanese quality production revolution. During my time as President of the bank we sponsored several symposiums in which Dr. Deming spoke to Wyoming citizens about his philosophy and objectives. An author of 6 books and numerous articles, Deming’s words remain relevant in business today.”
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