Deer runs into motorcycle on Lander's Main Street

The Lander Police Department asked the Sheriff's Office to investigate a motorcycle crash on Main Street Saturday night as they were reportedly busy with other calls.

A 78-year-old Lander man and his 76-year-old wife were traveling west on Main Street in their 2008 Honda "Trike" motorcycle. According to the couple, as well as witnesses in the area, just as they passed the Pronghorn Lodge, a deer jumped from the bushes and ran into the motorcycle. The deer then ended up in the middle of the bike and was on top of the riders. The riders were able to push the deer away, however during the process, both ended up falling off the motorcycle. The motorcycle continued west bound until it struck a 2013 Subaru Crossfire that was parked at the Gannett Grill.

The female rider was taken to Sagewest Lander for evaluation. The man was not injured. The motorcycle and Subaru sustained extensive damages. The deer ran off apparently unharmed.

Feature image: h/t Google Images stock photo / Pitchengine Communities

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