Sunday storms damage homes in Freedom Hills

(Gillette, WY) - Early Sunday evening, August 7th, in the Freedom Hills neighborhood, residences were jolted by a strong microburst. The gusts of wind damaged multiple homes and Structures in the area as well as doing damage along Highway 51.

Jim Leonard of Partridge Court was rocked as his trailer was lifted off its foundation and dropped about six feet to the side. Other damage on the property included a camper that was flipped over and destroyed, horse barn and sheds flattened. Mr. Leonard said his ears popped just as one window of his trailer was sucked out and then others blew in. All they could do was hold on until the wind passed. Currently, the Leonards are unsure if they can remain in their home.
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Sheila Rodgers and her family, of Killdeer Road, took shelter in the bathroom, as her brand new fifth wheel camper crashed into her home, causing extensive damage. She had just purchased the camper 2 weeks ago. She said that she hopes the trailer can be used while repairs are made to her home, but that she was willing to live in her garage if need be.
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Multiple other structures were damaged in the area: Roofs ripped off, with sheds and campers were tossed like toys. Billboards along Highway 51 blew out and debris was scattered into nearby yards. No injuries were reported from the storms and resulting damage.
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