Arrests from around Natrona County this weekend

(Natrona County, Wyo.) -Here is a recap of law enforcement arrests from around Natrona County over the weekend.
All those cited or arrested are presumed innocent until convicted in a court of law.
Charges filed are subject to change following official filing from Natrona County
District Attorney's Office.
Reports from the Casper Police Department were not available Friday, they are included below:

Casper Police Department
Gary J Chingman, Casper, two failure to appears.
Male Juvenile Offender, simple assault.
Jonathan D Derrick, Casper, auto burglary, public intoxication.
Marshall E Friday, Casper, failure to comply.
Christopher C Hubbard, Casper, Criminal Bench Warrant, two possession of controlled substances.
Trevor R Hyde, Casper, two failure to complies, suspended/revoked DL, improper registration, no insurance.
Tyson J Jeorgesen, Mills, three county warrants/hold for agency.
Shae N Mayer, Casper, strangulation of a household member, domestic battery, vandalism.
Shane M Patrick, Casper, Criminal Warrant, failure to comply.
Tommy J Rose, Casper, domestic assault, interference w/PO.
Michael W Wilson, Casper, county warrant/hold for agency, failure to appear.
Rodyney L Zahn, Montana, two NCIC hits. Other charges still pending.
Anna K Atkins, Casper, possession of meth, three child endangering.
Michael D Baird, Casper, Criminal Warrant.
Brian S Bayer, Casper, civil bench warrant.
Sean D Bohnstengel, Mills, domestic battery.
Walter J Bowden, Mills, domestic assault, strangulation of a household member.
Charles N Bushyhead, Casper, public intoxication.
Cory M Campbell, Casper, domestic battery, failure to comply.
David M Chavis, Casper, aggravated assault, kidnapping.
Bryce A Dacus, Casper, hold for probation and parole.
Sarah M Dilts Schmidt, Casper, two failure to complies.
Austin A Falk, Natrona County, suspended/revoked DL.
Albert A Frazier Jr., Casper, failure to comply, failure to appear.
Shawn K Gangwash, Casper, Criminal Warrant.
Mona L Gonzales, Casper, alcohol in park/cemetery.
Marlene P Gould, Casper, two county warrants/hold for agency.
Crystal A Kletsch, Casper, District Court Bench Warrant.
Steven M Kohut, Casper, DWUS, driving without interlock device.
Keith A Koronka, Casper, two failure to complies.
Duane R Kraft Jr., Casper, possession of marijuana, failure to appear.
Joseph W Martinez Jr., Casper, public intoxication.
Cody G Mayrhofen, Casper, disturbance.
Jordan M McCowan, Casper, failure to comply.
Shauna S McWilliams, Casper, hold for probation and parole.
Aaron D O'Brian, Casper, failure to comply.
Marshal E Rankine, Casper, failure to appear.
Michael A Roberts, Casper, Criminal Warrant.
Jordan L Schmidt, Natrona County, two possession of controlled substances, two failure to complies.
Kayelee D Thomas, Evansville, possession of controlled substance-meth.
Kindle R West Jr., Casper, failure to appear.
Garrett A Wolf, Evansville, DWUI, speeding.
Natrona County Sheriff's Office
Jason D Howell, DWUI.
Sasha M Yeigh, domestic battery, interference w/911 call.
Wyoming Highway Patrol
Tanner K Davis, county warrant/hold for agency.
Mills Police Department
Scott T Kroll, failure to comply.
Richard F Church Jr.. possession of a controlled substance-meth.
Ronald S Burke, DWUI, open container, DWUS.
Marlon D Marshal, DWUS.
Dawn O'Neill, assault, public intoxication.
Evansville Police Department
Eliel Lopez, DWUS, no insurance, no registration, county warrant.
Michael J Davis, possession of controlled substance-meth, interference w/PO.
Paula K Chidester, failure to appear, DWUI.
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