Lisa Delaney is covering your a**

(Jackson, Wyo.) - CYA Skirts is a Jackson Hole inspired apparel company, that does exactly what the acronym stands for, Covers Your Ass. With legging fashion on the rise, some women feel a little less than comfortable wearing leggings alone – enter CYA Skirts.
Lisa Delaney is the founder and created the product out of her own frustration of loving to wear leggings, but wanting more coverage. “I noticed a gap in the market for something stylish, cute, and fits right,” she said. Therefore the idea was born, and with Lisa’s background in Apparel - Design and Production from Colorado State University she created a style that is meant to be convenient, flattering, and work with legging fabrics.
CYA skirts had its first release in December 2015, and after selling out in just one week, the second and slightly bigger release occurred this past March 2016 (and once again sold out). As Lisa looks to the future, she continues to want to see her company grow and be proud of her brand.
“The constant feedback I receive is that this product makes people feel good and I want to continue to share that,” she said. The CYA skirt fits into the growing “athleisure” fashion trend, where athletic and leisurewear are appropriate attire not only for the gym, but also for social events and the workplace.
Jackson has not only been a great testing population for CYA skirts, but Lisa also complimented the Jackson community for having a “supportive and entrepreneur spirit,” which has given her the confidence to continue to build her business. Additionally, Lisa is constantly inspired by the encouragement from her family and friends, and says that although she doesn’t have employees there are a lot of people have come together to help.
This Wednesday, August 10, CYA Skirts will present at Silicon Couloir's 5th Annual Pitch Day for a chance to win cash and prizes. Learn more about the company at and check out their presentation at Pitch Day tomorrow from 4 – 7 p.m. at the Center for the Arts.
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