'A senseless activity' leads to four to six years in prison for Casper man

(Casper, Wyo.) - The case began in January 2016 when Casper man Mark Faulcon and another suspect, Adam M Melikian, went to a Bentonite Mine and destroyed property.

After seven months, Faulcon has plead guilty and was sentenced this morning for the crimes.

With his attorney Mr. Green by his side, the two argued for probation that was denied by the Judge.

District Attorney Mike Blonigan argued for a sentence of 4-6 years in the Wyoming State Penitentiary with no boot camp option.

"Mr. Faulcon destroyed a work site, maybe even a business. This was some drunken rampage that was suppose to be fun for them, they did it for absolutely no reason. He just doesn't seem to care much unless he is having a good time," said Blonigan.

The victim, Larry Anderson and company suffered the losses and estimated roughly $336,000 worth of damages, that are still being assessed for insurance claims, spoke before the sentence was handed down.

"We are held to Federal Mining Standards, and these guys had debris scattered everywhere. I had to bring on extra crews from out of state to held clean up the mess, in the middle of winter, and it is still not complete out there," said Mr. Anderson. "I hope we are not forced out of business because of this; this is a huge deal and we are struggling to stay on our feet right now."

Faulcon had a chance to speak to the court before being sentenced, "I am truly sorry for Mr. Anderson and all who I have affected. What I did was beyond terrible and I want to take this opportunity and turn this around. I want to show everyone that I am not a mindless criminal."

The Judge called Faulcon's actions, "a senseless activity" and he caused, "A real devastation to the business that was not deserving of the actions".

"This conduct is absolutely inexcusable," he stated.

For the three charges, Faulcon was sentenced to serve 4-6 years for each count to run concurrent with a boot camp recommendation. If he completes the Wyoming Boot Camp program, he may petition for a lesser sentence.

He was also ordered to pay $266,190 to Mr. Anderson and his company and another $1,650 to R and R Restop for damages.

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