Storms Cause Multiple Fires Across Campbell County

(Gillette, Wyo.) Storms on Sunday may have spawned a tornado east of Gillette, but they ignited several fires across the county on Monday, as well.

A timber fire on North Highway 59 in the Weston Hills, and one on SA Road, were both ignited by lightning from the storms on Sunday night, according to CCFD Division Chief Dale Izatt. Both fires were less than an acre in size.

After the second round of thunderstorms on Monday afternoon, two grass fires on Bell Road were also ignited by lightning. Firefighters contained both of those burns to less than an acre each.

At the same time, two larger grass fires were found burning on North Highway 14/16. Around 5 p.m. Monday, according to CCFD, crews responded to the area to find a five acre fire burning and a second eight acre fire nearby. They aren't sure how those fires were started.

"Those two we couldn't tell if it was lightning or maybe something had fallen off a truck or passing vehicle, or maybe something was dragging. We just don't know," said Izatt.

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