Casper Police Department urges Pokemon Go players to be respectful to downtown businesses

(Casper, Wyo.) - The Casper Police Department would like urge all Pokemon Go players in the Oil City to be respectful of people, places and businesses around town when out adventuring.
Casper Police Detective John Hatcher shared today,
"Pokemon Go has been the big thing for the past month now, and we are starting to get some reports from downtown merchants worried about trash and littering, trespassing and we had one report of a player on top of a rooftop. It is always a few who ruin it for the others, but we just want players to be mindful and respectful when playing the game."
He continued to urge young players to be mindful of Casper's curfew:
Monday-Friday the city shuts down at 11:00 pm
Saturday and Sunday- 12:00 am.
"We want these young players to always have adult supervision and we want all players to be aware that we are taking a zero tolerance approach to the activity. This game has brought more people to downtown Casper and we want all people to be aware of what is private property and what is public," said Hatcher.
If kids are out littering, trespassing or causing a ruckus on private property, after curfew, they will be cited by the Casper Police Department.
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