Serial Entrepreneur and 4th Gen Native Launches Second Company, DC Racks

(Jackson, Wyo.) - Eric Green is a fourth generation Jackson Hole native and a serial entrepreneur.
His great grandparents homesteaded up near Triangle X Ranch in the late 1800s and his family has lived here ever since. His family owned a dude ranch called Warm Springs Ranch and a cabinet company. In 2012, he launched Dust Cutter Lemonade, which is now sold in 25 states.
Now, he will pursue his second company, DC Racks. Green developed the company after he saw a need for a low profile, convenient rack for trucks.
"I have a truck and racks for trucks these days are these tall things that have brackets, towers, a bar and a gearbox. Basically, you can't get it into a parking garage if you wanted to," said Green.
DC Racks, which stands for Direct Custom Racks, are shorter racks that can stay on the truck long term. The base rack works as a gear rack with integrated LED lights where you can strap on a paddle board, a spare tire, or anything else. Through the website, you can customize the product to add bike racks, ski racks, kayak racks, etc.
"LED lights are important. The major concern is safety," said Green. "They don't use much power, but they are super bright. We have them on the side and on the back. When we go camping and pull into a campsite at dusk or dark, we can light the whole campground and see where to set up and unload gear."
Tomorrow, Green will present at the Silicon Couloir's 5th Annual Pitch Day for the second time.
"I was involved in pitch day in 2013 [for Dust Cutter]. This is a great platform to be able to get in front of potential investors," said Green. "Going through the coaching process and letting them help fine tune the presentation is invaluable. It was very successful for us three years ago and I hope to have similar results this time around."
At Pitch Day, Green hopes to get feedback on his product and make connections. He is focusing on DC Racks for now, but has many ideas for the future.
"I'm always thinking of the next great thing, so I have a couple of things lined up," he said.
Learn more about DC Racks on their Facebook page and check out the presentation at Pitch Day this Wednesday, August 10, from 4 – 7 p.m. at the Center for the Arts.
Feature Photo: Eric Green and DC Racks on his truck. Pitchengine Communities
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