New parking rules are in effect in front of Safeway

(Lander, Wyo.) - If you live in Lander and do your shopping at Safeway or drive down North 10th Street, you've likely noticed the newly painted curb in front of Safeway. In the past, cars, RV's and vehicles for sale were permitted to park there for extended periods of time, but recently the city painted the curb yellow indicating no vehicles would be allowed to park there at all.
At last night's City Council meeting, Mayor McOmie addressed the issue and explained the City's reasoning for prohibiting parking along that area. Mayor McOmie said it was becoming a safety hazard because drivers trying to pull out of several busy intersections near the area had a hard time seeing the oncoming traffic. He also stated that due to the excess of long-term vehicles parked there, most large rigs were seldom able to find a parking spot there anyway.
County 10 drove by last night and noticed a for sale vehicle parked at the back end of the Safeway parking lot. What do you think of the new parking rule? Tell us in the comments section on facebook.
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