Mayoral Candidates: What is the greatest dilemma facing the Town of Jackson?

(Jackson, Wyo.) - Earlier this month, we asked our readers to submit questions to ask the local candidates for Mayor, Town Council and Board of County Commissioners.
First, 'thank you!' to everyone submitted questions. We will be doing a series of articles with the answers to your questions leading up to the Primary Election on Tuesday, August 16.
We asked the four mayoral candidates: What do you see as the greatest dilemma facing the Town of Jackson?

Sara Flitner

"We are a time-starved community facing the most complicated issues. Our dilemma is taking the time to understand the complexities of issues like our housing shortage and the desire to maintain our town’s character. It’s taking the time to understand what someone else thinks, and why. Collaboration is a necessity for a sustainable future. We have to be committed to understanding more than just our own point of view."

Mark Obringer

"What concerns me the most is the lack of conversation about a pattern of development called luxury lifestyle and how it impacts the town. How most if not all of those impacts are mitigated in the Town of Jackson because we have zoned housing out of the county and what that might do to the character of our neighborhoods."

Pete Muldoon

"The lack of affordable housing is clearly our biggest problem. It's also the key to our transportation, conservation and inequality issues. But more than that, it's an existence crisis for the community. We know that when we house less than 65% of our workers locally, the community stops functioning and becomes essentially a resort. We're at best around 60% now, and that number is rapidly heading south. It's a community-wide emergency, and the community must step up and solve it. Our current mayor seems unaware of the urgency required, and that's a big reason I'm running."

Stephen McDonald

"The greatest dilemma facing town is rampant heavy construction changing the face and nature of our neighborhoods. We are not a virus, we can control our growth and not destroy the environment. 10,000 government rental units? No way! The environment should- and will- always win in these choices."

Feature Photo: The four Mayoral Candidates. Pitchengine Communities
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