Local entrepreneur creates new jockeys for male yogis

(Jackson, Wyo.) - Most are familiar with the major yoga apparel brands that target women -- Lululemon, Lucy, Mika Yoga Wear, Onzie and many others. But can you name one yoga apparel company specifically focused on men?
On local man is working to change that with Zenith Activewear.
Bryan Heidmous was born and raised in Colorado in athletic family. As he grew up, moved to Boulder and eventually to Jackson, his athletic pursuits grew to cycling, skiing and rock climbing.
"Somewhere in the middle of my hockey playing years, I started practicing yoga," said Heidmous. "And as I was becoming more and more interested in skiing and got into rock climbing, I found that yoga was always a part of that for me. It helped me a lot as a person as well."
Throughout his yoga practice, Heidmous discovered that most of the yoga companies primarily target women, even if they had a small men's selection.
"A while ago I started developing a better pair of underwear for men to practice yoga in to take away some of them more awkward adjustments we have to make," he said.
About a year ago, Heidmous developed a prototype and he has been testing it with several different athletes ever since. Based on feedback, he has made several tweaks to the design. Now he is working to get bids from manufacturers, with a product launch estimated for mid-2017.
"I am excited to launch this business because I know the garment I am making does improve comfort in yoga, but I am also really excited to talk about yoga with guys," he said. "I think think that there is a way of talking about yoga and explaining yoga that makes it far more understandable and accessible to men."
To take his business to the next level, Heidmous will present at Silicon Couloir's 5th Annual Pitch Day this afternoon.
"For me [Pitch Day] is a great opportunity to share this idea with other people and fortunately, the crowd at pitch day includes a lot of people with a significant amount of business experience," he said. "I'm excited to hear feedback and to create chance meetings out of this event so perhaps I will encounter somebody who is interested in this business."
Learn more about Zenith Activewear at www.zenithactivewear.com and check out the presentation at Pitch Day this today, August 10, from 4 - 7 p.m. at the Center for the Arts.
Feature Photo: Bryan Heidmous. Pitchengine Communities
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