Wyoming manufacturers form new political and policy alliance

The top manufacturing entities in Wyoming have banded together to create a new political and policy alliance to support measures and legislative actions that enhance and promote manufacturing in Wyoming. The Alliance of Wyoming Manufacturers (the Alliance) is a recently formed not-for-profit corporation that serves as a voice for the manufacturing industry in matters of legislation and regulation that impact member businesses in Wyoming.

The Alliance will advocate for legislation and regulation that enhances the ability for manufacturing companies to flourish in Wyoming and against increases in taxes and regulations that hurt the ability of manufacturers to contribute to Wyoming’s economy.

Jim Neiman, of Neiman Enterprises, one of the founders of the Alliance explained, “manufacturing plays a vital and ever growing role in Wyoming’s economy. At this critical time, Wyoming must maintain a business friendly environment that will allow these manufacturing jobs to continue to grow and allow Wyoming to more fully diversify its economy.”

Mr. Neiman continued, “raising taxes on manufacturers is the exact wrong approach. The Alliance will work to help keep Wyoming’s tax climate competitive with other states and promote manufacturing in Wyoming.”

Growth of Manufacturing as a percentage of state GDP has consistently outpaced other economic sectors
--For the period 2009 – 2013 the manufacturing industries have continued to grow at a faster pace than the overall private sector economy in Wyoming

Growth of jobs/payroll
--For the period 2010 – 2014 Manufacturing employment growth outpaced the
growth of all industries
--For the period 2005 – 2014 average manufacturing wage growth outpaced the
wage growth for all industries

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