#WyoStrong: From fossil fuels to reclaiming lives

In March of 2016, Jerry Gonzales was laid off at Nalco FabTech in Casper. Since then, Jerry has shown true spirit by venturing out and starting his own company, which revolves around home repairs and giving new hope to those who need it.

For 21 years, Jerry has been in recovery from drug and alcohol addiction. In the last 4 to 5 years, Jerry has felt a spiritual conviction to help drug addicts and alcoholics start over in a productive, fresh way. Jerry has always had a talent for construction and working with his hands. By starting a small construction company, Jerry is able to employ these people. Jerry meets those who need help at recovery meetings all over Casper. He does not like to use the word ‘employee’ as Jerry believes these are people who deserve a second chance at life and a chance for a fresh start.

The name of Jerry’s Business is We Call It Home. His mission statement is "We remodel homes and restore lives." Jerry’s business card states, "We are called to care for each other. May we persevere.”

Aspects of We Call It Home include finding ‘fixer-up’ houses such as the one at 205 S Minnesota, which is Jerry and crew's first. Although there are many fluctuations in the Casper real estate market due to the oil and gas decline, Jerry still has a strong sense this is the right thing to do with this season in his life.

In the process of training his workers, Jerry first finds out what their skills are and puts them to proper use. At lunch time, Jerry and his coworkers go to recovery meetings, and he makes it clear that while he is there to help them, he does not want these workers to become long-term employees, and there are many opportunities in the world.

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