Council Candidates: Are you on the 'No Compromise' wagon or do you believe in negotiation?

(Jackson, Wyo.) - Earlier this month, we asked our readers to submit questions to ask the local candidates for Mayor, Town Council and Board of County Commissioners.
This is our second in a series of articles with the answers to your questions leading up to the Primary Election on Tuesday, August 16.
We asked the five Town Council candidates:
Are you on the "No Compromise" wagon or do you believe in negotiation? If you believe in finding common ground, please give examples of past experiences where you negotiated to a common outcome.
"I certainly believe in negotiation. Working with other government agencies, staff, non-profits, and the public have been and continue to be critical to me and how I work as your Town Councilor. We can look at the District 2 LDRs as an example of finding more common ground. Originally proposed to have much more commercial, over the last 18 months, Council and I worked to scale back commercial and add workforce housing incentive tools to find the right balance. Some groups wanted the higher commercial, others wanted none, listening to the public and finding solutions to come to a middle ground were critical in this process."
"Much of governing is compromise. There is no easy way to please everyone in our community. The new zoning regulations for downtown are one example, largely reining in commercial development to existing potential."
"Compromise means everyone loses to a degree. I make a distinction between compromise and negotiation. Quality negotiation results in beneficial solutions for all parties, focused on common interests rather than specific predetermined outcomes; it relies on understanding motivations rather than simply positions. It’s a far better means to resolution than compromise. So, the short answer is I believe in working together to find mutually beneficial solutions."
"As a candidate and when I'm on the Town Council I will present clearly thought out principles and positions, so that everyone knows where I stand, and then I will listen closely to input from the public, Town staff, and my fellow Town Councilors. If they find inconsistencies or irrationalities in any of my positions I will gladly alter my positions to make sure they are bomb proof. I want to understand the issues deeply and support the best ideas, no matter who thought of them. When it comes to fundamental disagreements that are not a matter of rationality, but of worldview, I will respect those that I disagree with and look for common ground, but when push comes to shove I will fight like hell for what I think is right. I will not be a 'go along to get along' Town Councilor."
"I firmly believe in negotiation. I was the president of my homeowners association for 10 years. There were strong feelings about what kind of roofing materials should be allowed, all of the homes had cedar shake roofs. With homes soon in need of roof replacement, there were two interpretations of what the CC&Rs said about the board’s ability to allow roofing material other than cedar shake. Some homeowners felt strongly that changes should be allowed and others who felt strongly about maintaining the status quo.
"I tried to be neutral in the process, we got a legal interpretation of the CC&Rs and did several surveys to understand what the majority of homeowners wanted and why. For those who wanted change it was because of safety and affordability and for those for the status quo it was about aesthetics. By understanding why people felt so strongly about their position we were able to come up with a solution that everyone felt good about."
Feature Photo: The 5 Town Council Candidates. Pitchengine Communities
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