Mayoral Candidates: What is your opinion on using SPET dollars to fix the West Broadway Landslide?

(Jackson, Wyo.) - Earlier this month, we asked our readers to submit questions to ask the local candidates for Mayor, Town Council and Board of County Commissioners.
This is our third in our Candidate Question Series to answer your questions leading up to the Primary Election on Tuesday, August 16.
We asked the four mayoral candidates: What is your opinion on using SPET dollars to pay for the West Broadway Landslide fix?

Sara Flitner

"Yes. By using the SPET, locals will pay 40% of the cost to fix the slide. Without SPET, we’ll foot the whole bill. I hate spending money on this because I think of all the things our community could do with those dollars. But there is nothing more important to me as mayor than making sure people are safe and our infrastructure is, too. That’s why we have to fix the slide, and why I want to put this to bed. If we pass it, we collect what we need in 6 months, and our visitors pay 60% of that. Let’s get this done and put it behind us."

Mark Obringer

"I support the SPET question for stabilizing the Broadway hill slide. The simple fact is that the public is already paying for the repairs. The question is, are we willing to help get the repairs done and put it behind us. I believe there are three reasons why we should support the use of SPET.

"First, they are our friends and neighbors and they needing our help. Their lives were turned upside down by the slide and we have a chance to help them put this behind them.

"Second, the life safety issue is real and has to be dealt with.

"Third, it gives us a chance to keep the conversation about SPET alive because when people say that SPET is going away, it sounds like a little white lie."

Pete Muldoon

"It's a serious public safety issue, and the town must fix it. We can and no doubt will continue to find out who is responsible and try to make them pay, but in the meantime, we cannot have EGVB collapse onto Broadway. I will vote yes."

Stephen McDonald

"Walgreens exists to decimate local business. The mere fact it was approved in the first place is astonishing. If the landslide had not occurred we would still be footing the bill as local business shuttered under the mega competition. The landslide can be handled without increasing taxes on the poor, elderly and the overworked- that's who will be hurt the most. Our town's people are not an endless pot of money for greedy, development hungry local officials."

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Feature Photo: The four Mayoral Candidates. Pitchengine Communities
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