Details released in last weekend's alleged murder

(Sheridan, Wyo) - A domestic dispute ended in tragedy on Friday, August 5th in Sheridan. At approximately 6:30 PM, Sheridan County Dispatch received a 911 call placed by 41-year-old Christopher Fisher, reporting that his wife had been shot.

According to court documents, Fisher admitted that he had shot his wife and was arrested peacefully in his front yard by Sergeant Danny Keller. He said she had tried to break his fingers and claimed self defense. Police and EMTs discovered Fisher's wife, Martha Bailey, dead in the basement from an apparent gunshot wound in the head and a 9 millimeter pistol on the floor nearby.

When he was interviewed by police, Fisher said that he and Bailey began to argue at the dinner table on Friday evening. She wanted him to leave and, when he refused, she went to the basement to pack her clothes. Fisher says that he followed her and she attacked him. They "wrestled" for control of the 9 mm he had placed in his pocket earlier in the day. He claimed that she would have been able to see the handle of the gun sticking out his pocket, but said that he didn't actually remember how it got out of his pants. He eventually admitted to intentionally pulling the trigger out of fear. Corporal Karla Rogers searched Fisher and reported that his pockets had "ample room" in his pockets and the gun would probably not be "hanging out."

The couple's 5 children were taken into custody by Sergeant Jerry Rasmussen and the Department of Family Services.

In separate interviews, the two oldest children, ages seven and nine, gave accounts that were very similar to one another's but differed significantly from Fisher's. According to the children, Fisher went into the kitchen and grabbed the gun from a shelf, pointing it at Bailey. After they went downstairs, the oldest followed to make sure that his siblings wouldn't see the fight. The two parents fought, punching each other. Bailey attempted to push Fisher's hand holding the gun away from her head, but he overpowered her and fired the weapon into her head, court documents state.

On Monday, circuit Judge Shelley A. Cudiff signed a warrant directing Sheriff Dave W. Hoffmeier to arrest Fisher on suspicion of 2nd degree murder. He is being held on a $150,000 bond on the condition that he have no unsupervised contact with his children. Second degree murder is punishable by not less than 20 years in the penitentiary, not more than a $10,000 fine, or both.

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