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(Fremont County, Wyo.) - With another school year just around the corner, it's important to start it off right with healthy lifestyle choices. Here are five ways you can can improve your family's health!
1. Control Your Environment - One of the keys to self-control is eliminating temptations from your environment. If Oreos are your weakness, just don’t have them around—or buy them really infrequently as a treat, in smaller amounts. Less temptation means less unhealthy living. It’s as simple as that! For more info on creating new habits, check out this expert advice about the power of habits.
2. Make Healthy Shopping Choices - Your healthy environment stems from many other choices. Top of the list: Make sure to make healthy purchases when you are at the market. Stick to the grocery list, and don’t shop when you’re hungry! Let your brain do the deciding for you, not your cravings.
3. Educate Those Around You - It’s easier to get on board with a change if you understand it—especially when you’re dealing with questioning kids or set-in-their-way adults—so make sure to share the WHY behind your healthy choices. Every decision has a benefit—or five! If you highlight those, and your family is able to recognize and start experiencing them, you’re more likely to create decisions that will last.
4. Stop Sitting And Get Moving - Does this need an explanation? I hope not. Turn the TV off, take the phones away, and get active! We’ve all become too sedentary, and need to make a conscious effort to add more movement into our days.
5. Treat Yo Self! - Remember, the goal is to create a generally health-conscious environment, not a picture-perfect family! Treat yourself and love your life! Just do the unhealthy things in moderation.
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