Preliminary Hearing Introduces Evidence in Nalley Murder, Judge Moves Case To District Court

(Driggs, Idaho) - Today was the preliminary hearing for the State of Idaho's case against vs. Erik Ohlson for the alleged murder of Jennifer Nalley and her unborn baby.
Nalley’s body was found with multiple gunshot wounds by family members on Tuesday, July 5 at her residence outside of Driggs. Investigators recovered a gun at the scene that is the same caliber used in the shooting.
The purpose of the hearing was to determine if there is sufficient evidence to move the case to District Court. Teton County, Idaho Magistrate Judge Jason D. Walker determined that there was enough evidence to move both charges to District Court.
During the nearly eight hour hearing at the courthouse in Driggs, Idaho, Teton County, Idaho Prosecutor Kathy Spitzer and Deputy Prosecutor Chris Lundberg presented several witnesses and evidence to the judge.
During the hearing, the prosecution called Erin Landry to the stand. She stated that she was friends with both Ohlson and Nalley. Additionally, she stated that she had exchanged several text messages with Ohlson regarding his relationship with Nalley during the month prior to her death.
The prosecutor asked Landry, "Did you ever think Nalley's life was in danger?" And Landry responded, "No."
Special Agent Mike Carlson of the Wyoming Division of Criminal Investigation was called to the stand and read many of the text messages.
One of the text messages from Ohlson to Landry stated, "It's taking everything in my power not to kill that crazy b**** right now."
Another read, "I'm deadly serious, I will kill her before she sticks me with child support."
A text believed to be sent on July 4, the night before the alleged murder, read, "I was literally tying my shoe laces when you texted. Going to Driggs to commit a murder. Glock loaded with hallow point bullets. Plans to kill her and kill myself. I'm not being dramatic."
Landry stated that she took these messages as "frustration and venting, not actual threats."
At the conclusion of the hearing, Idaho State Police Detective Matt Wall was called to the stand. He was the person who initially interviewed Ohlson about the alleged murder. The prosecutor played the interview in its entirety in the courtroom.
In the recording, Wall asked Ohlson, "What happened when you got there [to Nalley's cabin]?"
Ohlson answered, "I shot her."
Wall asked, "Any idea how many times you shot Jennifer?"
Ohlson responded, "8 or 9."
Wall asked, "Did you know she was dead?"
Ohlson responded, "I had a pretty good idea."
The judge determined that the case would be moved to District Court, so Ohlson is currently scheduled for arraignment on September 6. At the arraignment, Ohlson will enter a plea of guilty or not guilty.
Feature Photo: Erik Martin Ohlson booking photo. h/t Teton County Idaho Sheriff's Office
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