Council Candidates: If elected (or re-elected), what will be your first priority in office?

(Jackson, Wyo.) - Earlier this month, we asked our readers to submit questions to ask the local candidates for Mayor, Town Council and Board of County Commissioners.
This is our fourth article in our Candidate Question Series to answer your questions leading up to the Primary Election on Tuesday, August 16.
We asked the Town Council candidates: If elected (or re-elected), what will be your first priority in office?
"My priorities will be to continue working on housing, transportation, and zoning issues facing our community. Finding creative ways to work on affordable housing, ways to improve our transportation systems, and continuing to lead with an open mind and level head will be my focus."
"My first priority is finishing the zoning regulations for town, with an emphasis on residential opportunities."
"Jackson is better off all-around with people who work and live in our community. Housing insecurity is bad for residents and workers, for our businesses and our economy, and for our overall safety and wellbeing of our community. Therefore, my first priority will be to address the housing issue. We need short term solutions that help those who are homeless now or who are soon to be. Secondly, we need to address the inflated rental market; our community cannot thrive when half of our residents are uncertain about how much their rent is going to be next month or or 6 months from now - or if they and their family will be out on the curb. Thirdly, we need to address residential development, zoning, and LDRs and what is causing the disproportionate job growth. Additionally, we must address the question of livable wages in Jackson."
"My first priority will be to make sure that Town funds are spent wisely, and that the planning process is moved forward expeditiously and transparently. I will propose a Workforce Housing Overlay in the walkable urban commercial core that will allow significant density bonuses for employment based deed restricted housing. I will work to get the Town out of the business of corporate welfare by eliminating housing subsidies for private businesses, and I will aggressively pursue subsidized housing for public sector employees. I will make sure that we don't expand development rights except for deed restricted housing and special conservation incentives. I will look to the traffic engineers to give us an honest appraisal of the steps that are necessary to reduce traffic congestion by optimizing, expanding and connecting our roads."
"My first priority will be to finish updating the towns land development regulations. Today's housing crunch is caused, in part, because it is too difficult to build workforce housing. We need to use the comp plan as our guide focus, density where appropriate and get the re-zoning done."
Feature Photo: The 5 Town Council Candidates. Pitchengine Communities
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